Roofing Company Crystal, MN

Written By: Alexander Home Exteriors | Published On: 7th November 2011

If you are in need of a new roofing system, you need a roofing company Crystal homeowners trust to install it. You need a company that deals only with the best materials, is known for high quality work, and has a good work ethic. Alexander Home Exteriors is all of those things and is ready to help you choose the right materials and colors so that your new roof looks great.

Reasons To Replace Roofing

There are reasons as to why roofing needs to be replaced with the most common being premature wear and tear from the weather. Roofing materials that include asphalt shingles is designed to last for decades, but there are times that hail storms, wind, and other elements take their toll.

Nevertheless, some roofs live out their lives and it is simply time to replace. When a roof has served its time, it suddenly becomes a ticking time bomb. It is old, so its integrity is not what it used to be.

And then there are those individuals doing home remodels or they simply want a different color shingle, shake, or other material covering their roof. Being that the roof is an important part of your home’s exterior, it is important that it is as beautiful as it is functional.

Common Roofing Materials

First when choosing roofing materials, it is good to consider fire ratings. The materials are rated Class A, B, or C with A indicating the materials that are the most fire resistant. Many shingles made of fiberglass have Class A ratings.

Asphalt shingles is the most common roofing material used. They give the roof a textured appearance, come in different colors, last around 30 years at the most, and the material is affordable. The other types of roofing include:

  • Wood Shingles and Shakes – Made from a variety of materials, such as redwood, pine, cedar, and others. The wood looks fantastic on a roof, but the fire rating, in most cases, is a Class C or no rating may be present at all.
  • Tile, Clay, or Concrete – If interested in the Mission- or Spanish-style tiles that are mostly seen in the south, or you simply want an English or French look with a flat tile, you are looking at an expensive roofing material. Tile is heavy, so the roof needs to be able to handle it, especially if replacing a lighter type of roofing material. Nevertheless, there are different colors and finishes available.
  • Metal Roofing – While not as cheap as asphalt, the lifespan of metal lasts longer, making it an affordable alternative. There are different metal roof designs available now that look just like other types of shingles, but the metal lasts longer and can withstand the heavy snows and diverse weather of Minnesota fairly well.
  • Slate – Slate is considered to be practically indestructible. It’s another more expensive type of roofing material and is available in different grades and colors. The installation of slate takes a great deal of skill. Nevertheless, once it is installed it is there to stay for quite some time. There are old homes throughout the United States that have never had to have their roofing replaced because they used slate.

When you need roofing materials you can trust to protect your homes and a roofing company Crystal residents have trusted for years, we can help you. We can show you what your options are, the pros and cons of each, the cost, the colors, and so much more. That way you can have the roofing you need.

Contact A Roofing Company Crystal Minnesota

Only work with a company you can trust to help you save money, save time, and who will provide you with long-lasting materials for a roof that will last for years. We help you deal with insurance companies and will always be there for your home exterior needs. To set up your free in-home consultation, call us at 651-436-6916.

Roofing Company Eagan, MN

Written By: Alexander Home Exteriors | Published On: 7th November 2011

When in need of a roofing company Eagan homeowners have been trusting for years, Alexander Home Exteriors fits the bill. We’ve been providing a wide array of home exterior services for over 25 years and are very happy to be able to serve the Eagan area and beyond with our experience, our professionalism, and our dedication to the customer.

As the seasons change, homes react. One minute the weather is hot, one minute it is cold, and the next minute the wind is blowing or hail is pummeling the home. We’ve seen a lot of damage due to weather and we have taken on the responsibility of ensuring that homes in the area are promptly repaired so that the homeowners and their families can get on with their lives.

Hail And Storm Damage

One of the most common forms of damage is that done by hail. Hail stones come in sizes that range from pea size to softball size and it can do incredible damage. When ice is falling from the sky at a high velocity, you can expect for roofing shingles to be compromised, siding to be infiltrated, and even windows to be broken. Add wind into the equation and the hail is falling faster and harder than ever

We have seen hail rip away at roofing and siding like paper. We have also seen other debris, such as tree braches and flying objects damage homes. Fortunately, our experience allows us to fix the problems immediately and even help you when dealing with your insurance company so that you can receive advanced payment or be reimbursed for the damage

So as soon as you notice that damage has been done or you suspect there is damage that you can’t see, give us a call. While we are a roofing company Eagan has been counting on for nearly three decades, we can take care of your siding, windows, gutters, and other areas as well. We will make sure any temporary repairs that need to be done are completed so that water does not go into your home.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are common during the winter. When an attic is not properly ventilated and there are hot spots on the roof from internal heat, snow melts and the water runoff freezes at the edge of the roof. From there, additional runoff becomes trapped behind the dam of ice and can cause a variety of problems.

First, roofs are not made for water to stand on them, which is why they are sloped and the water channeled away by a gutter system. The water will find a way out and that way out is usually through a crack that leads to the attic. If no cracks exist, the water sitting in place will create one or simply soak through the decking and leak into the attic. This can result in total roof replacement and significant damage to the home.

Through our ice dam removal services, we can remove the ice dam before any water infiltrates the roof. We can also implement preventative measures to reduce the probability that ice dams will form again in the future. Prevention can be a significant way of protecting your home and your wallet.

Contact A Roofing Company Eagan

If your home has sustained storm damage or is not reacting well to the drastic change in temperature, we are here to help. We can take the necessary measures to ensure your home stands up to what Mother Nature has to throw at it so that there are no expensive repairs in the future. If there are future repairs, we are here to make sure they are completed quickly and affordable. To schedule your free in-home consultation, call us at 651-436-6916 and let us show you how we can help you and bring you the peace of mind you deserve.

Roofing Company Dellwood, MN

Written By: Alexander Home Exteriors | Published On: 7th November 2011

There are some common issues that occur with roofs that tend to cause other issues, such as ice dams. It is not unusual for roofs that are over 20 years old and steeply pitched to have too much heat in the attic. This can cause snow to melt in the winter, collect at the roof’s edge, and form an ice dam. When the dam forms, other melting snow gets trapped behind it and that water can eventually escape through the roof and into the attic. The water can even seep into the walls of the home.

Any moisture in an area where it doesn’t belong may cause mold, which then causes health problems. So before any of this happens, it is best to contact us. We are a roofing company Dellwood residents have trusted for many years to perform preventative care, repairs, and many other tasks to the roofs and exteriors of homes.

Attic Heat

Minnesota residents have several factors working against them when it comes to the roofs of their homes. First of all, excessive heat causes undue stress on the roof decking, which is either made of plywood or OSB. This will shorten the life of asphalt shingles since heat is an asphalt shingle’s biggest enemy.

If the attic is not ventilated well, then condensation can occur and cause the wood to rot and failure of the insulation in the attic. The condensation can lead to mold and then the mold leads to the family having health problems. So this is a very important preventative measure and repair that takes place in order to ensure the longevity of the roof.

Air Flow

By ensuring that air flows through the attic correctly, the amount of heat is reduced. This results in the roof lasting much longer. Also, snow will not melt excessively, thus preventing ice dams. A lot of problems can be prevented when proper ventilation is in place, making it a cost effective solution as opposed to having to have frequent repairs done.

However, there are times in which power ventilators may need to be used. While this can be an effective way to ventilate a basement, but these ventilators do not control the humidity. Humidastatic controls are needed or moisture will still result in wood rot and mold. These devices tend to be used on homes that were built in the 1950s because those homes were not built with soffit overhangs, which are important elements of proper attic ventilation. We are a roofing company Dellwood homeowners have turned to in regards to ensuring their attics are properly ventilated.

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To prevent ice dams and other problems from compromising your roof, good ventilation is the key. We can inspect your roof, attic ventilation, and all other relevant areas to see where the problems lie and present you with a comprehensive and affordable plan to protect your home. To schedule your free in-home consultation, call us at 651-436-6916.

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