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The weather can wreak havoc on your home. In the winter, one of the most significant issues that homeowners face is ice dams. Ice dams can severely damage your roof and that damage can spread to the rest of your home. In turn, you can be faced with some very expensive repairs.

Ice Dam Formation And The Damage They Cause

Here is how ice dams develop and what happens once they do: Hot spots on the roof can lead to the melting of snow and the water that results runs down the roof, as it is supposed to, but it freezes at the cold spots on the edge of the roof. When this process repeats over and over again, it creates a dam that then traps water behind it. The water has absolutely nowhere to go, so it will seep through any cracks that may be in your roof. The standing water can also cause damage itself.

When the water seeps through the cracks in the roof, it can then cause you to have a very wet attic or even flow inside the walls of the home. When the water pools in the attic, it then infiltrates the ceiling in the living quarters of the home. This is usually evident through water spots that develop on the ceiling. The walls, however, may be a little trickier because water spots may not be noticed until a lot of damage has been done.

Removing And Preventing Ice Dams

It is best to have ice dams and snow removed from the roof. However, simply removing the snow and steaming the ice dams can still result in recurring issues. Your Inver Grove Heights roofing contractor can take care of this removal as well as perform the latest methods of preventing ice dam formation.

Those methods can include making the necessary repairs to the roof to prevent the development of hot spots that can cause premature snow melting. Heat tapes can also be placed along the edge of the roof so that the water does not refreeze. A thorough roof inspection at the beginning of winter can identify any problem spots that need to be addressed, as well as result in the repair of any cracks, missing shingles, etc. that could allow water from melting snow to develop with or without the formation of an ice dam.

Snow Removal

While snow removal can be effective in preventing ice dams, without ice dam prevention methods, what snow is on the roof prior to removal and right after can still allow a dam to form. However, snow removal can reduce a great deal of stress from your roof, which will extend its life. Snow removal also allows the attic to breathe properly and this is a very important aspect of how your roof performs.

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Ice dams can destroy the integrity of your home and this can result in very expensive repairs. Aiming for prevention can keep ice dams from forming, thus reduce the risk to your home. Overall, inspections when the seasons are changing or when you suspect the integrity of your roof is at risk will help you avoid the expenses that come with ice dams, snow, and all forms of weather and its consequences. Call Alexander Home Exteriors at 651-436-6916 or fill out the contact form to schedule your free in-home consultation.