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Does your roof need repaired or replaced? This is a question that many homeowners ask themselves. Sometimes, homeowners can inspect their roof on their own to make that determination. Other times, it is necessary to have a professional inspection performed in order to know what to do next.

Alexander Home Exteriors can inspect your roof and tell you what your next step should be. From there, we can review a number of options with you to help you decide what to do. We will help you from beginning to end so that you do not have to deal with the undue stress that sometimes accompanies roof replacement or repair.


Roofing Inspections


Roofing inspections are very important because it is very important that you replace your roof when it needs to be replaced or repair it when it needs to be repaired. It can be difficult for you to determine which you need to do and you do need a roofing company Blaine residents have used to receive accurate estimates and advice on what to do. You do not want the expense of replacing your roof when you don’t have to.

If you do an inspection yourself, you need to check under the eaves and overhangs. You also need to look for water damage in areas that don’t conform to the roof planet, such as skylights and dormers. Inspecting on a regular basis can save you a great deal of money, but climbing a ladder and walking the roof can be very dangerous. We have the experience to look for the following:

  • Holes in the roof, buckling, and leaks into the ceiling
  • Roofing panels have come apart and are beyond repair
  • A torn vapor barrier that indicates leakage if it is not intact
  • Torn tar paper that is indicative of roof leakage

If any of the above four forms of damage are present, the roof needs to be replaced. Along with these forms of damage will most likely be water damage and that water may have already infiltrated into the home. It is best to stop the leaking before it can become any worse.

Roofing Repairs


As a roofing company Blaine residents has dealt with for over 25 years, Alexander Home Exteriors can make repairs that, in the end, look as if the roof was never damaged. We match your existing shingles or shakes and we ensure that your roof is in excellent condition when we’re done. Indicators that the roof needs repaired include:

  • Leaking that can be seen along the walls of the attic or in the living quarters of the home
  • Curling, loose, or bending shingles
  • Loose gutters or flashing
  • Algae and moss streaks
  • Rot on the underside of the roof that can be seen in the attic

These are signs that you can see yourself or as the result of an inspection. If you see any of these indicators that your roof needs repaired, call us immediately. Initiating the repairs now can avoid roof replacement later.


Roofing Contractor Blaine MN


Whether you need your roof repaired or replaced, Alexander Home Exteriors is there to take on the task. We have been serving our clients for nearly three decades with our award winning service and strive to continue to provide our clients with excellent service for many more years to come. We will be honest with you as to whether your roof needs replaced or not and what the cost will be to complete the job. For your free in-home consultation, call us today at 651-436-6916 because a damaged roof is a roof that cannot wait.