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While every part of your home’s exterior is important, your roof is the most important because it is responsible for protecting all of the other parts of the home inside and out. That is why when something goes wrong or you want to prevent something from going wrong with your roof, you need a Roofing Company in Bloomington to take care of it for you. You need a company with experience, the right tools, and one that respects the client and their home. Alexander Home Exteriors has been providing such service for over 25 years.

We value long lasting relationships and achieve this through quality craftsmanship and best in class products. We also know that you’re busy and you need your schedule worked around; not the other way around. When there is a problem with your roof, it cannot wait.

Common Roof Problems


In Minnesota, there are a number or roof problems that are quite common. Because your roof is the part of your home that protects all other components of it, issues need to be addressed as soon as they are noticed or suspected. Common problems include:

  • Weathering – The weather causes a roofing system to deteriorate faster than it is meant to. The roof may lose its water shedding ability, hail storms can cause holes in shingles and the roofing itself, the wind can blow shingles away, and so much more. It is good to have the roof inspected once or twice per year and after storms to ensure there is no damage. If there is, it can be repaired before it is so bad roof replacement is needed.
  • Lack of Maintenance – General routine maintenance can help prevent a premature roof replacement. Maintenance can include a good inspection of the shingles and all components of the roof with small problems fixed before they become large problems.
  • Poor ventilation – Roofing systems need good attic ventilation. If the ventilation is poor, then the roof suffers. Shingles can curl, ice dams can form in the winter, and so much more.
  • Hail Damage – Hail wreaks havoc on roofs by punching holes in them or causing enough damage for the roofing to wear prematurely.
  • Shingle Installation Done Improperly – Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. Nails may be installed improperly, sealing strip may not be on correctly, tool dragging may cause damaging scoffs and scrapes, and much more.

Roofs can last a long time with the proper maintenance and timely treatment. That way you do not have to replace it prematurely and can save yourself a lot of money.

Common Forms of Damage


The common forms of damage seen by a Bloomington Roofing company include hail damage, wind damage, water infiltration into the attic and walls of the home, damage done by flying debris, and age. How the roof is treated depends upon how it was damaged and the extent of that damage. We carefully examine all areas of the roofing to determine what has been affected and what hasn’t so that we can provide you with a proper estimate of what repairs need to be done and the cost.

Contact A Bloomington Roofing Company


You need a company that will work around your schedule to ensure that your repairs are done on your time. You also need a company experienced with the common roof problems that occur and utilizes only the best practices to fix those problems. To acquire a company with the experience your roofing project needs, call Alexander Home exteriors at 651-436-6916 for your free in-home consultation.