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If your roof has experienced damage as the result of recent bad weather, you are most likely trying to figure out what your next steps should be. You do know that an insurance claim is most likely involved and there is a need for a roofing company Falcon Heights turns to when destructive weather moves through. The question, however, is what to do first.

The first move to make is to inform your insurance company of the damage that occurred to your home and to then call us to assess the damage. Nevertheless when having to go through the actual claims process, we are able to help you through the technicalities of it. We can also provide an estimate for you that you can submit with your claim that can be used in consideration with the insurance adjuster’s assessment of the damage.

Insurance Claims


Unfortunately, the insurance companies can be rather difficult to work with because their goal is to settle your claim for as little money as possible. While you do pay a premium to them to protect yourself financially in the case of damage to your home, they are working to protect their bottom line as well and that can mean receiving a settlement well below the cost of fixing the damage.

Fortunately, we are not the type of roofing company Falcon Heights residents think will be aggressive with the insurer. We do not argue or fight with the insurer because we know that can cause a great deal of undue stress for you and we simply do not work that way. Instead, we cooperate and provide all of the necessary tools and knowledge to all parties in order to ensure the best possible settlement.

We are also not insurance gougers, so we are not inflating estimates on claim forms. Insurance gouging in order to get the most money possible is a way in which time is wasted. It is important that time is managed carefully because damage must be fixed as soon as possible or the overall integrity of the home can be compromised.



We feel when completing a job for a client that communication is very important. It is a must for a client to know what is going on at all times and to not be presented with any surprises. If a client is presented with a surprise, which is rare, it is because we were surprised.

Furthermore, we show you samples of materials, answer all of your questions, keep you in the loop about construction progress, and will inform you of the best methods to take care of a particular problem. This allows you to be in charge of the project because it is your home and it’s our responsibility to show it and you the utmost respect. You being in charge also ensures that everything is completed exactly the way that you want it.

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If you have experienced damage to your roof and/or other areas of your home due to the weather, Alexander Home Exteriors has excellent experience at accurately assessing damage and coming up with a fast and comprehensive plan to ensure your home is back to normal soon. We take the stress out of dealing with damage, so call us at 651-436-6916 for your free in-home consultation and let us show you what we can do to fix the damage and make your home even better.