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The roof of your home has a very important job. It protects your home and everything in it, while adding to the curb appeal. That is why when something goes wrong with your roof from storm damage or normal wear and tear that the problem has to be taken care of as soon as possible by a roofing company Golden Valley residents trust.

Any time the slightest amount of damage occurs to your roof, it has to be addressed as soon as possible. Even a missing shingle can be cause for concern because the shingle leaves a small part of the roofing unprotected. Over time, rainwater can wreak havoc on that area, causing small cracks since the substrate is not meant to be directly exposed to weather. The small cracks allow water to infiltrate and that water can leak into the attic, inside of walls, or directly into the living quarters of the home.

Leaks And Their Consequences


When water leaks into the home via the roof, the damage can be extensive and it can be devastating. Sometimes, homeowners have no idea that there is a leak until it is too late and that’s when they notice one or more of the following:

  • High humidity in the attic or physical signs of water that include puddles or water stains
  • Water stains streaking down walls
  • A musty smell in the home
  • Water stains on the ceiling
  • Mold or mildew

While leaks can be devastating to the home’s structure, mold can be devastating to the health of your family. Mold spores cause allergies and other respiratory problems that can threaten health. To fix it, the leak needs to be repaired and mold remediation is needed so that the family can breathe easy.

Common Roof Problems


There are common roof problems that are seen and these problems require a roofing company Golden Valley residents can trust. Some of the common issues include roof damage due to satellite mounts, the slippage of architectural shingles, damage caused by gutter leaf guard installation, improperly installed flashing, improperly installed gutters, no cricket or saddle diverting water away from the chimney, deterioration of the heat vent or plumbing boot, hail damage, tree branches touching shingles, ice dams, and the lifting of metal ridge vents.

As you can see, there are many problems that can occur and these problems can lead to leaks. It is best to have a roof inspection at least once a year, preferably twice, and when a severe weather event occurs. That way these issues can be addressed the moment they are a problem or before a problem occurs.

Contact A Roofing Company Golden Valley


If you suspect that something is wrong with your roof, then it is best to have it looked at. There are many issues that can occur with or without inclement weather, so it is important to ensure the integrity of the roof. To do this, contact Alexander Home Exteriors at 651-436-6916 to schedule your free in-home consultation and see what we can do to make your roof fully functional for a long time to come.